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Why Do People Buy Used Games at GameStop?

Why do people buy used games at GameSpot? GameStop employees are judged by how much they upsell customers and can lose their jobs if they don’t meet standards. Many employees feel pressured to upsell customers. GameStop’s system for judging employees for their used game sales is also designed to create negative reinforcement in employees, leading them to oversell and even lie. In the end, the result is that used games often cost far more than their new counterparts.

The company’s profits are based on the value of pre-owned games. Games sold by GameStop can be worth as much as fifty dollars, and the company makes a profit of 50 percent. If a game costs five dollars, the customer pays only five dollars. Pro members pay $18 for games that cost more than five dollars. Those who buy used games at GameStop are getting more bang for their buck.

GameStop’s quality control process is important, as used games from other stores may not be as high a quality as one purchased at the store. Most pre-owned games are clean and playable, but there are some issues you need to consider before you buy them. Some of the used games sold at GameStop are no longer in the box and may contain damaged components or missing box art. You may also find that GameStop sells $5 games, and you can buy them online.Read More About: blastace

In 2009, GameStop began selling open games as new, in violation of FTC rules. This practice continues to this day, but the FTC is investigating the practice. Nonetheless, you should always ask to purchase a shrink-wrapped copy of a game to avoid scams. So, why do people buy used games at GameStop? And why should you? It’s an excellent opportunity for you to save a ton of money.

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