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Which episode of Law and Order Was the Worst?

When it comes to the crime drama series, some episodes stand out above the rest. During the third season, for instance, the episode “911” features child kidnapping and rape. Season 4 features a child pedophile and a mother who becomes addicted to heroin. Which episode of Law and Order was the worst? Let’s examine each of them and see which one had the most disturbing moments.

The episode with the most disturbing premise is the one that involves a gang-owned street. In this episode, the gang-owned streets in this fictional city are so violent that they rival the Gaza Strip. The child in question accidentally shot a young girl, believing that she was threatening him after killing his family. However, he was a victim of racial tension and a child’s instincts made him feel threatened.

“Aftershock” is another episode that is far from typical Law & Order episodes. Featuring a diverse cast, this episode depicts the struggles faced by the four officers who witness a grisly execution. As the officers try to put the case behind them, Curtis entertains an affair with a young woman and Kincaid ends up in a car crash. The episode is a dark one, according to one reviewer on IMDb.

Besides the infamous episode, the best season of Law and Order revolves around a recurring criminal. While the show has been running for nearly two decades, it has had its fair share of growing pains, but despite that, the series has evolved into a fantastic companion to the other Law and Order series. Whether or not the episode was terrible, fans have long admired the show. So, which episode of Law and Order was the worst?

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