Where is Artificial Intelligence Being Used?

The application of AI is everywhere – from email spam filtering to automated decision making, from finance to health care. In this article, we’ll explore the applications of AI in various sectors. In a nutshell, these technologies are improving our lives. You might be surprised to learn how much AI already does for you. It is already being used in some of the most mundane tasks around your home. From your phone to your computer, AI is already doing a lot for you.

AI has proven its worth in many fields, from medicine to the arts. For example, in the graphics industry, AI is proving itself to be a boon. Various public and private services allow you to work with images, using algorithms that analyze the content of a text. You can use these services to generate illustrations for articles and texts. AI can also help you remove the background of a photo by identifying objects in the foreground and backgrounds separately.

AI is already present in our everyday lives, from virtual assistants to search engines. And of course, it’s a massive force in commerce. Our phones now use AI to answer our questions and make suggestions, bringing convenience to our lives. The future of these devices may look brighter than you think. But where is AI being applied now? There’s a huge opportunity here:

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