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Google Home Vs Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are both popular home assistants. However, while Alexa may have a few advantages over Google Home, the two products are still a long way apart. Alexa has been around for two years, while Google launched its smart speaker a year later. While both assistants support the same set of smart home devices, Alexa has a slight edge over Google. Both devices can control Philips Hue and Samsung SmartThings. They can even talk to Zigbee devices.

Another difference between the two devices is how they organize and control their smart devices. Alexa uses buckets to categorize them, so you have to select a category before you can control a specific device. In addition to being able to group your smart devices by room, Alexa allows you to turn off the music in that room. Google Home has the same feature for controlling your smart devices, but Alexa has the advantage of understanding context.

There are still a few weaknesses to Google Home. Despite the influx of smart home assistants, Google Home still lacks third-party integrations. It will be difficult to convince consumers to buy the device unless third-party developers integrate Google Assistant with their products. Google has had poor success with commerce. Checkout and Wallet both failed to strike a chord with consumers, while Amazon has had more success with this area of the tech industry.

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